September 27, 2023

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Ukrainian pilots successfully tested Swedish fighters "Gripen"

Ukrainian pilots successfully tested Swedish Gripen fighters, and therefore Stockholm is considering the possibility of sending aircraft to Ukraine, Swedish Radio reported on September 14, citing Defense Minister Pal Johnson.

Ukrainian Air Force pilots have undergone training, including flights on airplanes and simulators, and instruction of ground personnel. According to the Minister of Defense, the results of the training will help the Swedish government decide on the possibility of sending Gripen aircraft to Ukraine.

Kyiv is seeking to acquire modern Western fighters to strengthen its air force in the fight against Russia.

Previously, the Swedish leadership did not want to send its Gripen fighters, citing the need to take into account its own defense needs, since Sweden is not yet a NATO member.

Recently, Stockholm seems to have changed its position. On September 12, Swedish radio reported that the government had instructed the military to study the possibility of transferring fighter jets to support Ukraine.

Gripens are not the only Western fighters that Ukraine wants to buy. Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands have already committed to the transfer of F-16 aircraft, and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kyiv is also interested in French-assembled Rafale fighters.

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