May 25, 2024

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Rhodes: Police are overwhelmed by thousands of illegal immigrants

Rhodes police stations are under siege, with staff stretched thin to meet demands and deal with the hundreds of illegal migrants who have flooded the island recently.

In his statements to Rodia, the President of the Union of Policemen of the Southern Dodecanese, Manolis Androulakis, emphasizes that until now all his colleagues have been “putting off rest until later”, working around the clock to cope with the unfavorable conditions of the summer (fires, foreigners, etc.), but and now the situation has not improved.

He gives specific examples of police stations where there are no officers for patrol cars, and also talks about a police station in the village of Archangelos, where there is currently not a single person on duty!

At the same time, his colleagues, having no vacations or days off for the entire previous period, work 16-18 hours in order not only to meet the needs of their service, but also to immediately transfer hundreds of foreign Muslims who arrive in Rhodes every day, accompanied by police patrol cars. .

Mr. Androulakis asks the physical and political leadership, and local authorities to seek a reassessment of the situation and Rhodes’ needs for police officers, and to immediately cover them.

There are currently daily arrivals to Rhodes up to hundreds of illegal migrants from Turkey. According to available data, the arrival of about 1,150 people was recorded in August alone, that is, those who came to Rhodes totaled 2,022 people!

In the first eight days of September, 700 illegal immigrants were recorded in Rhodes, arriving from the Turkish coast, accompanied by LS patrol boats

Speaking about how the situation is getting worse, Manolis Androulakis explains that “when the Secretary General of our Ministry, Mr. Michalis Karamalakis, came here, we asked him to help us survive this season and then sit down for comprehensive planning, because the situation has reached the limit!

By August 31st, 70% of the seconded police officers had left for the mainland, so the services suddenly went dark, and coupled with the pressure of migration, which constantly requires transfers, security, etc., we are exhausted, so the service needs to be strengthened and supported.” .

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