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The Blue Horizon crew, in addition to the murder of A. Kariotis, was involved in one more death and two disappearances

The murder of 36-year-old Antonis Kariotis is not the first time that the Blue Horizon ferry has attracted attention, and not for the best reasons: the ship’s crew was previously involved in another death and two… missing persons.

The vessel and crew that pushed Antonis Kariotis from Agios Nikolaos (Crete) off the ramp have had serious incidents in the past. And when we say “serious”, we mean the death and disappearance of people!

In 2015, Blue Horizon first appeared in the news when a foreign passenger mysteriously disappeared from a ship that was traveling on the Heraklion-Piraeus route that night. As the relevant publication of the time reported:

“The ship arrived in Piraeus at 6.40 am, but there a friend of the missing foreign passenger told the crew and port officials that he had not seen him since midnight on Monday. An extensive search of the ship followed, but the passenger was never found. Immediately after this, with the help of a helicopter and two coast guard boats, searches began in the sea zone west of the Cyclades, where the ship was located after 12 at night, but there was no result.”

The next incident occurred in May 2018 when a 25-year-old man never disembarked and was reported to have fallen overboard.

What did they report at that time? “There are no signs of life for the 25-year-old man who fell into the sea at night from the Blue Horizon, just a few minutes after leaving the port of Piraeus, heading to Heraklion. The circumstances of the fall have not been clarified, and the search for the young man continues.

After the incident, the ship returned to the port of Piraeus, from where it sailed, and then, belatedly, finally set sail for Crete. According to the testimonies of the ship’s passengers, they saw a man fall into the sea and float towards some part of the port, a little further from the gathering place for passenger ships in Piraeus. Two patrol cars rushed to the area where he was believed to be heading but did not locate the 25-year-old.

Two Coast Guard patrol ships, as well as the Army, took part in the investigations. “Blue Horizon sailed to Heraklion in the morning with a delay of about two hours due to the investigation.”

The death of a ship worker just 3 years ago in 2020 cast a pall of sadness over the shipping industry.


A sailor died aboard the Blue Horizon as a result of an explosion in the ship’s engine room. According to the report: “The 30-year-old sailor injured in the explosion on the Blue Horizon ship in Crete died from his injuries. The victim (3rd mate) suffered burns and was deemed necessary to be intubated and transferred to the intensive care unit. The engine room explosion occurred due to a steam leak.


On the evening of Tuesday 5 August, a crewman from the Blue Horizon pushed a 36-year-old man from Agios Nikolaos, Crete, until he fell off a ramp into the stormy sea at the port of Piraeus, killing him.

The four accused – the captain, chief mate, second mate and deckhand – face serious charges. The company that owned the fatal ship decided to remove it from the Heraklion-Piraeus route. With such a dark history, it was a natural development. Perhaps it will appear again, under a different name and on a different line.

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