June 15, 2024

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Elon Musk "boasted"how the Ukrainian attack on Crimea was thwarted (added)

The head of the American company SpaceX, Elon Musk, turned off Starlink near Crimea to thwart a Ukrainian drone attack on the Russian Navy.

About it how writes BB.LV, says published fragments of his biography. The billionaire expressed his opinion on this matter:

“Starlink was not designed for war. It was created for people to watch Netflix, relax, study remotely and do good peaceful things, not for drone strikes.”

Ukrainian drones loaded with explosives had already approached the Russian fleet, but suddenly “lost contact and washed ashore harmlessly.” Mikhail Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, urged the billionaire to restore the operation of the satellites, writing to him about what happened:

“I just want you, a person who is changing the world through technology, to know this.”

To which Musk replied that he was impressed by the design of underwater drones, but he would not turn on communications again because Kyiv “is now going too far and could suffer a strategic defeat.”

Later, Elon Musk on the social network X (Twitter), reacting to reports that he allegedly deliberately deactivated Starlink, explained:

“The Starlink regions in question were not activated. SpaceX did not deactivate anything. There was an emergency request from the Ukrainian government to activate Starlink all the way to Sevastopol. The obvious intention was to sink most of the Russian fleet at anchor. If I agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be directly complicit in a major act of war and escalation of conflict.”

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