April 16, 2024

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Shocking photo: a man sleeps on the roof of his burned-out house

A shocking picture appeared before the eyes of local residents after a large-scale fire that broke out the day before in Mandre.

The fiery fire in Western Attica left behind ashes and the skeletons of houses, causing enormous damage to the environment and people’s property. The ERT team was in Tsakali (Mandra), where they recorded burned cars and houses. The fire started on the night of Monday, from 16 to 17 July. Residents saw the approaching fire and realized that trouble had come.

The fire brigade was sent to the area to fight the fire. A total of 120 firefighters arrived with four groups of volunteers in 43 vehicles. Aviation is also involved. At noon on Tuesday, it seems, the forces have dried up. Some houses of local residents were completely destroyed.


Only two families returned to the conflagration on July 20. The reporter’s camera captured a heartbreaking scene: a man sleeping on the roof of his burned-out house.

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