May 25, 2024

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Why a French cop shot a teenager – firsthand

The French policeman whose shot ended the life of a teenager in Nanterre has revealed what prompted his actions during interrogation.

According to the French newspaper Parisien, referring to a copy of the interrogation of a police officer, the reason for the shooting of a law enforcement officer at a teenager was the threat to life because of his actions.

On the morning of June 27, police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old boy while checking a road in Nanterre, a suburb west of Paris, causing large-scale protests countrywide. According to the police, he refused to comply with their demands. The policeman who fired the shot was arrested. A case of premeditated murder has been filed against him. The 38-year-old law enforcement officer was placed in pre-trial detention. The newspaper writes:

“Florian M. (name of police officer, ed.) claims to have felt cornered, wedged between the Mercedes car and the low wall behind it.”

The police officer says the car hit him a little, and the teenager who was driving turned the car forward and backward in an attempt to drive away. However, the publication clarifies that these statements of the policeman are not confirmed on the video posted on social networks.

But you can hear how the policeman is heard shouting: “Get out of the way!”. The voice belongs to the teenager who was shot, this information will be confirmed during additional checks.

Another reason for the shot, the detained policeman calls the threat to the life of his partner. He leaned into the passenger compartment through the side glass and tried to turn off the ignition of the car, as well as to reason with the teenager. The article notes:

“Thinking that the body of a colleague was still in the Mercedes, he was afraid that the teenager would drag him along when he escaped.”

The partner of the detainee confirmed that he was in danger of being pressed against the wall by the car, but said that the teenager still turned off the engine. At the same time, he notes that the teenager then “quickly put his hands on the steering wheel and shifted the gearbox.”

The partner of the arrested policeman does not comment on the justification of the shot, since all his attention was focused on the teenager, and he did not see the moment of the shooting. Preliminary audio analysis of the video shows that it was a colleague of the shooting policeman who made the threat to the teenager “you will get a bullet in the head”. And instead of shouting “shoot, shoot,” the words “cut, cut” actually sound.

An autopsy showed that the fatal shot had pierced the windshield of the car, the wrist, and hit the victim in the chest. BB.LV.

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