May 25, 2024

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"Do not provoke the shark when you meet"Greek biology professor warns (video)

Young people on Serifos literally froze when, riding a boat, they suddenly saw a three-meter shark in the sea waters very close by. How to behave when meeting with a predator?

Tanasis Tsikliras, professor of biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, spoke about the appearance of sharks in Greece, the expert also gave recommendations on how to behave when meeting with them:

“A shark can attack if provoked. This species is a predator.”

The professor noted that in this case it is not a great white shark, but, most likely, it is γλαυκοκαρχαρίας – a blue shark. It reaches four meters in length and weighs 250 kilograms:

“This is a predator, like almost all sharks, with the exception of some. It can attack if provoked. Even Aristotle described the appearance of the great white shark. We already have a lot of them, but they are quite rare.”

The professor noted writes that great white sharks are found in all seas. And if someone encounters a shark, the main advice is “don’t challenge it and stay as far away as possible, avoiding contact.”

Earlier we wrote that two miles (3 km) from the port of Zakynthos, in the area between Kyllini and Kefalonia, shark spottedprobably mako.

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