June 20, 2024

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The bus driver found a wallet with money and gave it to the owner

The bus driver did his best until he found the owner of the wallet dropped in the vehicle.

According to onlarissa.gr, the driver did not even think of keeping the find for himself, but “turning into a detective” began to painstakingly find out who owns the wallet in order to pass it from hand to hand.

According to a local website, an honest man who really deserves praise had difficulty finding the owner of the purse, but after persistent efforts, he managed to find a relative and thus contact the citizen who owned the purse with a large amount.

Then he worked hard and himself took the find to the lady, who was already desperate that there would be a loss. The woman wanted to offer the “knight” some kind of reward for his work and conscientiousness, but he categorically refused!

The bus driver, he said, was morally satisfied with his act.

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