June 15, 2024

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Mykonos: 1,000 Euro Fancy Intravenous Infusions

It is not difficult to cope with acute drug or alcohol intoxication in Mykonos – there would be money. Intravenous serum, ranging from $500 to $1,000, is a very popular service on Windy Island from local doctors.

Cunning doctors offer a miraculous serum and “bring back to normal” those who “did not calculate” with the dose – doctors are called to yachts and villas after noisy parties and plentiful libations, and they are always happy to earn tangible “black” cash *. Their criterion is only the financial situation of the patient.

Without going into special medical terms, let’s open a little secret: in fact, a patient who has “went through” is injected with glucose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Getting directly into the blood, they give quick results. It is for such a serum that doctors receive from 500 to 1000 euros! people who know how writes newsbeast.gr says:

“And consider that a doctor might be called to a luxury villa or a yacht for a party and he would have to administer the serum intravenously to two, three or even four guests who are intoxicated and unable to stand. It goes without saying that these amounts are “black” and there is no evidence of such medical services that even a village doctor or a nurse giving injections could offer.

They tell how it all began and what is happening now:

“Intravenous serums became … trendy in Mykonos three to four years ago. This fashion came to us from the USA. This is known to tourists who come to the island from abroad and ask how to act in situations of intoxication or drug use. Unfortunately, the medical profession has largely “degenerated” here. For example, you might meet an ophthalmologist posing as a general practitioner. There is no such thing as a professional…”

* “Black cash” – cash that is not included in official documents, in accounting accounts, in tax returns, etc.

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