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Where is the father of the murdered Caroline, and why he did not leave Greece

Caroline’s parents are known to have run a shop on the island of Alonissos. When their daughter was murdered, they took their granddaughter and left Greece.

Nevertheless, as it later turned out, only her grandmother left for the Philippines with little Lydia. And grandfather stayed in Greece and currently lives in a nursing home.

As you know, David Crouch took an active part in the investigation of the case, testified in court. For example, in an interview with ANT1, Mr. Crouch said that Babis Anagnostopoulos (Caroline’s husband who killed his wife) was “involved in the drug trade” and “Caroline found out about it.” After that, the young mother demanded to “stop all this”, telling her husband that if he continues “in the same spirit”, then she will leave for the Philippines forever and take their daughter with her.

According to David Crouch, “Babis was very stubborn” and told the gang members that Caroline found out about the drugs, to which he received the answer: “We have to get rid of her”, and “in the end he killed her himself.”

According to the Greek media, Caroline’s father remained in Greece and did not follow his wife Susan, who took little Lydia to the Philippines. After Caroline’s family sold their Alonissos home, many took it for granted that David Crouch would join them, but apparently that didn’t happen.

According to the show “The Truth with Zina” (“Αλήθειες με τη Ζήνα”), David Crouch faced health problemsbecause of which it is difficult for him to travel, and therefore he chose not to leave Greece. He is in daily telephone contact with both his wife Susan and little Lydia. At the same time, he is constantly informed about the events related to the trial of Babis Anagnostopoulos, convicted of murder.

David Crouch, according to Star Show, chose to live in isolation in a nursing home and does not have contact with the rest of the residents. The only people who visit him twice a week are his friends from Alonissos and other regions of Greece.

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