May 30, 2024

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Australia: Surfer missing after shark attack

A search in Australia for a 46-year-old surfer who was attacked by a shark has been unsuccessful. The missing man has been declared dead.

The tragedy occurred yesterday on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Rescuers were called to Walkers Rock Beach near Elliston at 10:10 am local time on Saturday morning. Emergency services, police, and local residents joined the search.

According to South Australian police, the man was surfing when he was attacked by a shark. An extensive search for the victim was unsuccessful. The police thanked the local population and emergency services for their help in finding:

“It’s not easy when local people are involved, but we appreciate their strength and willingness to help.”

The town of Elliston has about 1000 inhabitants, it is located about 650 km south of the state capital Adelaide. Known for the nearby rugged coastline and surf spots.

In February of this year, a shark mauled a girl in the Perth River, the capital of Western Australia. In terms of the number of shark attacks on people, Australia is second only to the United States. Last month, a 58-year-old American surfer was attacked by a shark north of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. He survived but lost his right leg, writes Air Force.

A year ago, a 20-year-old surfer died from a shark attack on the east coast of Australia.

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