June 15, 2024

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Up to 90% of Russian applicants for a residence permit in Turkey began to be refused

The massive refusal to obtain a residence permit by Russians is observed in Turkey, and the extension of residence permits there has become a real problem.

How writes BB.LV, in some places 90% of applicants get rejected. To extend the residence permit, local administrations require much more documents than before: statements from Turkish banks with monthly receipts to the account have become mandatory. The monthly income of a family of three, for example, cannot be less than 2,000 euros. At the same time, in order to obtain a tourist residence permit, it was enough to show a rental agreement and an insurance policy. Edition of The Moscow Times notes:

“Practically in all regions, the percentage of refusals in residence permits began to grow sharply, and the extension of residence became the most painful issue for the majority of Russians who moved to Turkey.”

A Turkish visa consultant told reporters that now the problem has become widespread and is observed in all major cities in Turkey. True, in each city, the requirements for documents for obtaining a residence permit may be different.

Many Russians are trying to solve the problem by applying for a different type of residence permit, not a tourist one. A good option is to buy real estate, but it is not available to everyone.

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