June 12, 2024

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Vogue: the best Greek beaches for 2023

French magazine Vogue first called for a vacation in Greece, publishing a list of the best beaches for 2023.

As the popular magazine claims, “Greece, full of coves with turquoise waters, tops the list of the highest quality international destinations again and again.” French fashion journalists highlight Perivolio Beach in Skopelos, seductive with its emerald waters and refreshing tranquility, as well as Alikos Beach in Naxos, with its wild beauty and turquoise waters.

The Ionian Islands are well represented by the unique Navagio, the heavenly Porto Katsiki, the photogenic Myrtos, Gidaki and Vutumi. Fabulous Sarakiniko, Lalaria, the “red” beach of Santorini and the “unreal” Voidokila could not but be included in this list.

Every third foreigner who comes to Crete visits Balos, a lagoon located on the Gramvousa peninsula, the northwestern tip of Crete. It is located between the Gramvousa peninsula with the Geroskinos massif and the rocky Tigani peninsula. The lagoon is characterized by shallow water and white sand, which turns pink in places due to crushed shells and corals.. Balos can be reached by ferry, by road and on foot.

There is an organized ferry service from Kasteli Kissamos, boats also visit Imeri Gramvousa. The peninsula of Gramvousa is crossed by a dirt road that starts from Kaliviani Chania and after ten kilometers reaches the parking lot. The beach is then accessed via a slope that offers panoramic views of the lagoon. The descent takes 10 to 20 minutes. In addition, access from Kaliviani Chania has hiking trails that pass through Gramvousa or Geroskino. A study conducted by MAICH and the Polytechnic Institute of Crete for Tourism found that every third foreign visitor to Crete who used Chania Airport as an exit gate has visited Balos.


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