May 18, 2024

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Fighters in the sky over the Acropolis

Air armada of fighters participating in Teachings “Ηνίοχος 23”rushing over the Acropolis, every year it never ceases to amaze and even frighten the inhabitants and guests of Athens.

Military pilots thus once again demonstrate their skills. They arrived from the seven allied countries of Greece and visited the Andravida airbase to participate in multinational interdisciplinary exercises “23 INI”.

Fighter flights of various types will take place at noon on Friday 04/28/23 in the sky over Attica. According to an Air Force spokesman, fighter flights will take place as part of the Iniochos 2023 exercise.

The first flight will take place at approximately 12:30, with Greek T-6s and Slovenian PC-9s taking part. Two hours later, at approximately 2:30 pm, a mixed air armada of fighters from Greece, France, India, Jordan, Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia will fly over the Acropolis.

As announced at the ΓΕΑ General Staff, the formation will include F-16, Mirage 2000-5, Rafale and F-4 from Greece, Rafale from France, Su-30 from India, F-16 from Jordan, F-18 from Spain, Tornado from Italy and F-15s from Saudi Arabia.

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