May 18, 2024

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Beauty queen dies in car accident

The Corinthian public is deeply saddened by the news that a 35-year-old woman from the city, who previously received the title of beauty, died in a traffic accident. This is Katerina Georgiadi, who in 2010 was crowned as “Miss Tourism of the Peloponnese”.

The accident happened at noon on Maundy Tuesday when a young woman was driving in her car along Athens Avenue in the direction of Athens, in Aspropyrgos, near Halivourgias. The circumstances of the accident are not clear. Another vehicle, driven by a 30-year-old courier, suffered less damage. Currently, the young man is in the intensive care unit.

In 2010, a native of Corinth, Katerina Georgiadi, became the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Tourism of the Peloponnese”. The girl immediately received recognition in the fashion world. Nevertheless, she maintained close contact with her family, often coming home to Corinth. In her free time, the beauty queen participated in local media radio shows.

She was the daughter of Kostas Georgiadis, who belonged to the eminent dynasty of merchants in Corinth. The businessman was the owner of a men’s clothing store on Sq. Kolyatsu, according to, and died in May 2018.

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