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Patras: fishermen caught a three-meter shark

The last thing the fishermen who went out to the Corinthian Gulf to fish, expected was to find a shark in their nets! The workers of the sea realized this when they had to make great efforts due to the weight of the net in order to lift it onto a fishing boat.

A three-meter shark was caught at the height of the Rio Antririo bridge, and then taken to a fish store in Rio.

Dozens of townspeople passed by to see the huge shark, and some, of course, did not fail to buy a piece of its meat for the dinner table.

Sharks in the seas surrounding Greece are not uncommon though for 161 years observations in Greece recorded only 14 attacks and 11 deaths. At the same time, Greek fishermen do not miss the opportunity to make shark their prey, regularly catching sea predators and proving the indisputable fact that Man is the main predator on earth.

Sharks of the Mediterranean Sea have about 47 species, 16 of them reach about 3 meters in length, and 15 are considered dangerous to humans.

For sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, the ideal conditions for existence are water that is excellent in composition and temperature, and the presence of a food base. The species composition of predators living in it is very diverse and includes 47 species, of which 15 can be classified as actually or potentially dangerous to humans.

And given that every year millions of tourists visit countries that have access to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it is quite clear that meetings of people with sharks are not uncommon here. The situation with the safety of tourists is aggravated by the fact that none of the countries they visit and have a decent income from this advertises the danger of encountering these predators on their beaches, so as not to scare away the cash flow.


Places in Greece where sharks are most often found (as prey for fishermen)

In fairness, it should be noted that in the Mediterranean basin, despite the significant number of sharks, there are very few cases of attacks on people compared to other shark-dangerous regions of the planet. So, over the last hundred years There have been 21 fatal shark attacks in the Mediterranean. In total, there were about 260 such attacks. If we compare these figures with the statistics of attacks in countries such as the USA or Australia, or even in the Red Sea basin, we can understand that this is quite a bit, although, of course, each such case is a human tragedy.

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