May 22, 2024

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British intelligence: “North Korea is sending hundreds of thousands of troops to Ukraine”

North Korea could take a step that would radically change the landscape of the Ukrainian conflict, as it would send hundreds of thousands of “volunteers” to Ukraine, according to British intelligence, to fight alongside the Russians and “supplement” their defensive and offensive force reserves.

The move contrasts with the revelation of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who said that EU is preparing to send “peacekeeping forces” to Ukraine.

Russia has so far fought alone against about 40 countries of the collective West (including Greece), which sent ammunition and a huge amount of Soviet and, for some time, modern Western weapons systems. As a result, the conflict has become unequal for Moscow, despite the fact that it still manages to fight the war in its favor.

But along with weapons systems, it was shown that the number western mercenariessent to the Ukrainian fronts, reached tens of thousands of people (at least, so they say in the Russian Federation), many of whom were active military men who signed letters of resignation before going to Ukraine (to avoid the official involvement of their governments).

According to British intelligence, North Korea has decided to “equalize” the numerical advantage of the West and is going to send thousands of people as “volunteers”. This practice is quite close to the Koreans themselves, including as a kind of gratitude. Indeed, in the war of 1950-1953, which led to the formation of the DPRK, it was the citizens of the USSR and the PRC who fought in Korea as … “volunteers” against the United States and the countries of the “collective West” (including the Greeks). The USSR repeated the same thing in the Vietnam War of 1955-1975 … Now Russia is preparing a new call for volunteers for the war with Ukraine, which may reach 400,000 people.

It is noted that in an interview obtained by, Austrian Colonel Markus Reisner, when asked by a journalist about who will deal with complex Western weapons systems that will be delivered to Ukraine, and whether NATO soldiers will be transferred, answered in simple words: ” We don’t need to send NATO soldiers to Ukraine, I just take off my uniform, sign a contract with a private security company and go to Ukraine, since I am no longer a member of the Austrian armed forces, but a mercenary.”

The Austrian colonel briefly explained how easy it is to create a NATO force for Ukraine. Soldiers sign letters of resignation from their armies and then sign up as mercenaries in the company so that there is no official involvement from their governments.

According to information dated March 18, 2023, published in the state newspaper of the DPRK Rodong Sinmun, already 800,000 people have signed up for the army to fight the US, and their number continues to grow. At the same time, in addition to North Korea, other “volunteers” can be sent to the side of the Russians – from the countries of Asia, Africa, South America, and God forbid … This will, in fact, be an undeclared World War III.

It is worth noting that the news about the volunteers from North Korea was already heard in the international media last summer. Then the information was not confirmed. As well as there is no solid evidence of the participation of more than 30 thousand mercenaries on the side of Ukraine. However, most likely, the truth is somewhere in the middle… However, the trend in the development of events is very alarming.

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