May 29, 2023

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Americans first spoke about the need for territorial concessions to Russia from Kyiv

Bakhmut is on the verge of falling, and this fact can seriously affect the Ukrainian society, which is dissatisfied with the protracted war and the lack of real, not fictional, victories in the presidential administration, and this is what is already making the United States talk about the forced cession of territory to Russia for the sake of peace.

“The United States should directly tell Ukrainian President Zelensky that Ukraine will eventually have to make territorial concessions”– says former head of the CIA Counterterrorism Center Robert Grenier (Robert Grenier.

“The moment is fast approaching when a Biden administration official will have to engage in an equally tough, pragmatic dialogue with Zelensky,” he said. informs The Hilladding that although the President of the United States is “great friend” of Ukraine, “his ability to deliver on his implicit and explicit pledges to support Ukraine “as needed” is likely to be limited in the near term“.

“Zelensky should be pushed into negotiations that will likely include territorial concessions on Crimea and Donbass.” said the former CIA officer.

According to an American expert, the Ukrainian conflict does not threaten US national security, and therefore the full protection of every centimeter of Ukrainian territory not on the West’s list of vital interests.

“Now is the time to negotiate with Ukraine, NATO and yes, Russia.”

He warned that for NATO it is important to make Ukraine an impregnable fortress to contain Russia in the future, but for this the West does not need all of Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that the Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Luhansk regions and the Crimean peninsula are integral parts of Russia. At some point, these regions may completely come under Russian rule, and this will be a bitter reality that Ukraine and the West will have to accept.


Map of the spring counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Ukrainian TG Canal Trukha

Recent events show that the long-awaited spring counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may turn out to be a failure, given that Russia is also preparing for it, and Ukrainian forces are already undermined by the confrontation in the Bakhmut and Artemovsk area. Experts suggest that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky may cancel the counteroffensive, while the United States is already directly insisting on a freeze on hostilities.

Nevertheless, Austrian analyst Christian Verschütz, in an article for the German edition of Heute, notes that Ukraine continues to prepare for the spring counteroffensive, which will begin from Kherson. The purpose of the attack is to break through the so-called. “land corridor” and cut off Crimea from the rest of the territory occupied by Russia. At the same time, it is assumed that modern weapons supplied by the West will be used in the offensive, incl. German armored vehicles Marder and tanks Leopard, as well as British Challenger 2.

The question is whether they will use them – “We will only know about this when the Russians destroy these weapons and announce it,” Verschütz suggested.


US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Also believes that Ukraine, due to the significant depletion of Russian forces and the arrival of Western weapons, has “very good chances” to launch a successful counter-offensive in the spring of 2023. He stated this during a hearing in the US Senate Armed Services Committee.

Austin said that Ukraine now has a “significant advantage” compared to Russian forces, although the front line has been moving back and forth recently, and now there are “pretty serious battles in the Bakhmut area.”

“The Ukrainians inflicted significant losses on the Russians, and they depleted their stocks of armored vehicles in a way that no one could ever imagine. And now we see how Russia will re-mothball the T-54 and T-55 tanks due to the level of losses that the Ukrainians inflicted,” – said the head of the Pentagon. He added that in connection with this, Russia’s resources are exhausted, it is increasingly faced with a shortage of artillery ammunition and other things, and is forced to turn to Iran and North Korea for help. “Therefore, I think that we will see an increase in hostilities in the spring, as conditions for maneuvering improve, and also based on what we have already done and continue to do. I think that Ukraine will have a very good chance of success,” Austin emphasized. .

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