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5 Traits That Show Your Child Will Succeed When He Grows Up

“What will my child be like when he grows up?” Every parent asks this question. According to what Margot Machol Bisnow wrote on CNBC, an author who interviewed 70 parents whose children became very successful, there are five characteristics that indicate a child will be successful.

1. They are persistent

Persistent kids don’t give up on a problem until they find a solution or learn something. They are firm and not discouraged by the reaction of others.

2. They are curious

Curious children ask a lot of questions: “Why is it so? Why is it so? Can it be done better?” This behavior is a sign of people who carve their own path in life.

3. They have passion

Children should learn to explore what makes sense to them rather than trying to please their parents. Parents have a responsibility to support their passions and trust them to make their own choices, as this teaches them to believe in themselves.

4. Show initiative

Children who show initiative do not need motivation from others. They will find a way to fulfill their dream with the resources they have.

5. They take risks

Risk takers, like entrepreneurs, will risk everything to achieve what they consider important. This sets them apart from everyone else who often finds it difficult to let go of confidence. The role of parents should be to instill in them self-confidence so that they can face life without fear.

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