May 30, 2024

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Study: 8 out of 10 employers can’t find qualified employees

According to ManpowerGroup’s 2023 annual international survey, which surveyed 39,000 employers in 41 countries, eight out of ten employers in Greece are having difficulty finding qualified workers.

In Greece, 77% of employers report a problem with finding specialists. The situation is no better in other countries. On a global scale, employers cannot find suitable workers for themselves, for example:

  • in Taiwan (90%),
  • in Germany (86%),
  • in Hong Kong (85%),
  • in Portugal (84%),
  • in Puerto Rico (83%),
  • in Colombia (64%),
  • in Panama (66%),
  • in the Czech Republic (66%),
  • in Slovakia (68%),
  • in Mexico (69%).

27% of Greek employers surveyed by ManpowerGroup say that, in terms of soft skills, those who came to the interview had disadvantages such as “lack of responsibility, reliability and discipline.” At the same time, 26% of employers say that do not find talented employees with critical thinking and an analytical mindset. Leadership and social influence skills are lacking at 24%, while a similar proportion of employers say talented employees lack the initiative to acquire skills. Finally, 22% believe that job applicants lack collaboration and teamwork skills.

In terms of technical skills, 23% of employers report a lack of relevant (required) skills: IT workers, 19% engineers, 18% human resources, 17% managers and 15% salespeople.

According to the results of the study, 6 out of 10 employers invest in the training of existing employees in the company, 54% in the constant recruitment of new talents and 45% invest in new technologies (replacing people with mechanisms, robotics).

47% of employers say they are willing to offer more flexibility (in terms of working hours) to address staff shortages. 14% are ready to hire talent from abroad (especially in consumer goods and services, including tourism), as well as in the health and science sectors.

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