December 7, 2023

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Clean Monday: traffic police control on a three-day weekend

The Greek police, in connection with the celebration of Clean Monday and the falling, respectively, 3 days off (25-27/02), are taking enhanced traffic control measures throughout the country.

The planning is carried out by the Hellenic Police Headquarters with the aim of the full and uninterrupted operation of all traffic services and includes:

  • control of the road network by sector, based on the specific traffic conditions in each region,
  • increasing the presence of the police and increased protection of sections of the road network where road traffic accidents often occur,
  • traffic measures have been strengthened at the entrances and exits of large urban centers, where there is a large flow of vehicles,
  • regulation of pedestrian traffic at key intersections to avoid traffic congestion,
  • strengthening transport measures in places where there is a mass passenger flow (airports, ports, stations, etc.),
  • rules of the road in the places of celebrations,
  • the presence of traffic inspectors at toll booths (Σταθμούς Διοδίων της Χώρας) to facilitate traffic, inform and advise drivers and passengers,
  • informing citizens through the press services in all cases when the need arises (about the presence of transport and other problems).

What is planned for these three days

At the same time, the plan provides for the formation of special regulatory teams, focused, among other things, on fixation of offenses (serious traffic accidents), such as:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol,
  • over speed,
  • using a mobile phone while driving,
  • no protective helmet
  • unfastened seat belts
  • irregular overtaking and double crossing of the dividing line,
  • non-use of special restraints and protections, such as seats, seat belts, etc. when transporting children in vehicles,
  • driving vehicles by minors and persons who do not have a driver’s license,
  • dangerous maneuvers (recklessness),
  • verification of documents passing CTEO (use of vehicles that have not passed a scheduled or extraordinary technical inspection on time),
  • worn tires,
  • the movement of personal vehicles on the emergency lane (E.L.A.).

During the implementation of the measures, both the personnel and the means of the Greek police, mainly the Traffic Police Service, will be on high operational readiness. In particular, patrol cars, motorcycles and ordinary vehicles with appropriate personnel and equipment will be provided to effectively guard the country’s road network.

Truck ban for three days. It is noted that during the three-day holiday period there will be bans on the movement of trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons.

The Greek police, in connection with the approaching holiday season, once again reminds all drivers and road users that road safety concerns everyone.

Due to this ΕΛΑΣ recommends to citizens:

  1. Before the trip, they must carry out a technical check of their car and be informed about the state of the road network and weather conditions.
  2. Be especially careful while driving and follow the rules of the road.
  3. Observe road markings and follow the instructions of traffic controllers.
  4. Do not use mobile phones or other distracting devices while driving.
  5. Do not drink alcoholic beverages if you are going to drive.
  6. Use child seats to protect children in the car.
  7. Fasten your seat belts
  8. Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.
  9. Use anti-skid chains where there are special driving conditions (frost, etc.).
  10. Do not overestimate your driving skills and the technical capabilities of your vehicles.
  11. Respect and protect passengers and all road users.
  12. Drive your vehicle as responsibly and carefully as possible.

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