March 31, 2023

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Election of the eighth President of the Republic of Cyprus

The victory of Nikos Christodoulides in the presidential elections in Cyprus was shown by exit polls, they were made public a few minutes after the end of the voting.

The results show a clear advantage of Christodoulides, as writes CNN Greece, they look like this:


  • Nikos Christodoulidis: 30.5-33.5%
  • Averof Neofitou: 26.5-29.5%
  • Andreas Mavroyannis: 26.5-29.5%


  • Nikos Christodoulidis 34.1%
  • Andreas Mavroyannis 27.0%
  • Averof Neophytou 24.8%


  • Nikos Christodoulidis: 30-34%
  • Andreas Mavroyannis: 26.50-30.50%
  • Averof Neofitu: 24.50 – 28.50%


  • Nikos Christodoulidis: 31.40-35.40%
  • Averof Neofitou: 24.10-28.10%
  • Andreas Mavroyannis: 24.90-28.90%


  • Christodoulidis 31% – 35%
  • Mavroyannis 26% – 30%
  • Neophyte 25% – 29%

Nikos Christodoulidis’ associates are pleased with the “optimistic first results”, but they said they are waiting for the results of the ballot count. A member of the headquarters of the presidential candidate of the Republic and his close associate says:

“The results are optimistic, but we will wait to see the final result of the vote.”

He said that Mr. Christodoulidis would make a statement when the votes were counted.

After counting 100% of the votes, the candidates who will take part in the second round of the presidential elections next Sunday, February 12, have been determined. The results are:

  1. N. Christodoulidis: 32%
  2. A. Mavroyannis: 29.6%
  3. A. Neofitou: 26.1%.

Thus, Nikos Christodoulides (127,305 votes) and Andreas Mavroyiannis (117,627 votes) made it to the second round.

Averof Neophytou (103,755 votes) “dropped out”.

Out of 561,273 registered voters, 404,403 (72.05%) voted. 27.95% abstained (156,870 votes). The Cypriots voted to elect the 8th President of the Republic of Cyprus, who will replace the current President, Nikos Anastasiadis, who is leaving after 10 years of rule and two presidential terms.

In total, 14 candidates participated in the first round elections, which is the largest number in the history of the presidential elections in Cyprus. Of these, three party candidates and 11 independents.

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