July 16, 2024

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Found in cabbage… How mobile phones were transported to prison

In a particularly inventive way, three men in Trikala came up with the ultimate goal of handing over mobile phones and other small items to inmates in local prisons.

As it became known, near the pre-trial detention center, police officers of the Trikala security department found a car that aroused their suspicions. So they decided to approach him and check for any irregularities. There were three men in said car, two of whom were Greeks and one was a foreigner. The police immediately began searching and eventually found what they were looking for.

During the search, a total of nine mobile phones, 26 mobile phone cards, nine chargers and 11 charging cables were found, carefully hidden … in cabbages! Headphones were also found there. In addition, during a personal search, three mobile phones and a backpack were seized from three men, in which there were binoculars with a case, silicone glue, a car charger, and so on.

As a result, the police handcuffed the men and took them to the Trikala security department. A criminal case has been initiated against the detainees for an attempt to bring prohibited items into the territory of the penitentiary.

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