June 23, 2024

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Anti-tobacco law: 107 violations recorded in catering establishments

Violations were revealed in the course of 772 inspections that were carried out over the past week in Thessaloniki.

Employees of the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters recorded more than 100 violations during inspections carried out over the past week in catering and entertainment establishments in the context of enforcing anti-smoking measures.

As stated in today’s relevant police statement, 107 relevant violations have been confirmed. Smoking customers and restaurant managers received fines. The police emphasize that enforcement of anti-tobacco laws will continue with the same intensity.

Recall that the implementation of the anti-smoking law was one of the electoral commitments of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

What does the anti-smoking law provide?

Smoking is prohibited in:

  • institutions of all kinds and classes,
  • educational institutions (priority): nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, special schools, technical schools of all types, universities and institutes, other higher education institutions, all types of private education classes (frontistirio),
  • sports facilities (grounds, stadiums, etc.),
  • catering establishments (restaurants, cafes),
  • clubs, etc.

The circular on fines for violators also states:

  • Violation of the no-smoking provisions by public servants in their places of service is a disciplinary offense and is punished in accordance with the provisions governing their disciplinary responsibility.
  • Those who smoke or consume tobacco products in violation of Article 3 shall be fined from fifty (50) to five hundred (500) euros, taking into account the repetition of the act.
  • Any person responsible for the management and operation of the premises referred to in the first paragraph of Article 3 who commits a breach of the provisions of Article 3 shall be fined between 500 and 10,000 euros, subject to any repetition.
  • When installed fourth time violationcatering (and entertainment) establishments are closed for 10 days, license revocation is possible.
  • Those who sell tobacco products to minors are fined between 500 and 10,000 euros.
  • Those who violate the provisions of this Tobacco Advertising Policy will be fined between five hundred (500) and ten thousand (10,000) euros, inclusive of any repetition.
  • In accordance with article 3 of Law 3730/2008, supplemented by article 35 of Law 3896/2010, an administrative fine of 1,500 euros is imposed on a smoker driving his own car for violating the ban on smoking in all private and public vehicles where minors under 12 years of age are present . If the smoker is a public transport driver, the fine is doubled to 3,000 euros. In addition to the fine, you may have your driver’s license revoked for one month for each violation.

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