February 3, 2023

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Explosions rocked Stockholm on Monday night

Two explosions thundered in two districts of the capital of Sweden on Monday night, a large-scale police operation is being carried out.

According to SVT, the first explosion occurred in the Grimsta area in the west of Stockholm at about 03:00 on Monday morning. Emergency services immediately arrived at the scene. In the morning, official information appeared – police spokeswoman Ola Osterling said that the apartment building had received significant damage.

In connection with the incident, the police arrested four people who are suspected of committing various crimes. Currently, a large-scale police operation is being carried out in the western part of the Swedish capital. Explosives and forensic experts are examining the scene, and the police have launched a preliminary investigation into the socially dangerous destruction.

On Saturday evening, a 20-year-old man was shot dead in the same area. Ola Osterling commented:

“According to one of the versions, this is a continuation of the pre-New Year’s shooting. But this is not our only version.”

As of 06:00, the police had not received any reports that anyone had been physically injured in connection with the explosion. The second explosion in Stockholm sounded shortly before 04:30 that night. This time, the incident took place in a stairwell in the southern district of Bagarmossen. In the morning, a man was arrested on suspicion of participating in a generally dangerous destruction and threats. Ola Osterling noted:

“It was a minor explosion, no one was physically hurt, but we are operating in Bagarmossen and southern Stockholm.”

In total, five people were arrested after the night explosions. The police do not yet see a direct connection between the explosions in Bagarmossen and Grimst, but are looking into the possibility: “We do not rule out that there is a connection between the explosions, shooting and murder that occurred during the Christmas weekend and in the following days.”

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