February 8, 2023

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Akar: “Greece is immersed in scandals, that’s why it provokes Turkey”

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has made new inflammatory statements, alleging, among other things, that Greece is fueling tensions and sabotaging NATO meetings. And he went so far as to say that our country is mired in scandals and that is why it quarrels with Turkey.

Hulusi Akar, in his new statements on Monday morning during a visit to the future flagship of the Turkish fleet, accused Greece of “drowning” in scandals and in order to hide them, takes on Turkey, the agency reports. Anadolu. According to him, all countries and organizations know the true face of Athens, and in this regard, Ankara expects a more decisive reaction against Greece from international partners.

He stressed that Ankara’s position is based on the rule of law and facts. “The Greek authorities have stained themselves with many scandalous steps, including the facts of wiretapping, violence against migrants and corruption. The Greek public itself is also aware of the failed steps of Athens in the Eastern Mediterranean, and in order to reduce the discontent of the population, Athens is escalating confrontation with Turkey, which, of course, will have no effect,” the Turkish minister said.

According to Akar, certain politicians, scientists and the military have already begun to criticize the anti-Turkish speakers and declare the futility of confrontation with a neighboring country. “Turkey is not a source of threat, but a strong and effective ally that can and should be trusted. It must finally be realized [в Афинах],” Hulusi Akar emphasized.

He noted that Ankara stands for an open dialogue and good neighborliness in the region, aimed, among other things, at a fair distribution of resources. “At the same time, we clearly state that under no circumstances is it permissible to infringe on the rights of Turkey and Turkish Cyprus. We will not allow the formation of a status quo that ignores the interests of the Turkish side,” the minister stressed.

Akar called on the world community to take an objective and unbiased approach to the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, including Cyprus. “Turkey has been and will be on the side of Turkish Cyprus. Today, in the Cyprus issue, we are talking about the existence of two equal, sovereign and independent states. The issue of creating a single state is closed. It is only about the recognition of what has been created,” Akar said.

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