June 25, 2024

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Holidays without traditional hugs and kisses

Health officials are concerned about the significantly increased number of viral infections in the country, with coronavirus, influenza and RSV accounting for 50% of cases.

A quarter of viral infections, according to ERT, are coronavirus, and the remaining 25% are influenza and RSV syncytial virus, which affects both young children and the elderly. Caution is also recommended for people with severe chronic diseases.

According to the latest data, 1,500 people are being treated in the country’s hospitals with coronavirus. The number of hospitalizations in departments of clinics is stable, and the number of beds in intensive care has increased, reaching 133. Most of the deaths are people over 80 with serious comorbidities.

In emergency departments, mainly children’s hospitals, there is now a big effort, and the number of hospitalizations is not decreasing.

Thousands of cases of viral infections have been recorded this season, according to experts, with the flu curve rising slowly and expected to peak in January. Scientists recommend caution for people with underlying health conditions and the elderly. They are asked to wear a mask when they are in public.

Speaking to ERT reporters, Matina Pagoni, President of the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Physicians Association (EINAP), mentioned the problem of the spread of viruses during the holiday season, as well as the outbreak of coronavirus cases in China. “The viral infections that have been recorded since November 20 are influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, diagnosed especially in young children. On Christmas Day, children ended up in hospitals, parents were in a panic. Many have been diagnosed with streptococcus, and therefore special care must be taken,” Ms Pagoni said.

The President of EINAP emphasized that an outbreak of H1N1 influenza is expected in Greece in the next two months, and that those who have not been vaccinated should definitely do so, take care of themselves and their loved ones.

“You have to be especially careful about these. Of course, we will have fun, go out, visit relatives and friends. However, masks must be worn wherever necessary. It would also be nice to have hand sanitizer with you. And I think you should avoid close contact – hugs and kisses. Remember – viruses are spread by airborne droplets, ”she noted, among other things, and indicated that it would be good to do a test before visiting the elderly.

Regarding the issue of coronavirus in China, Ms. Pagoni noted that there is no need to panic. The President of EINAP added: “We are waiting for what the scientific European community decides in order to receive the first instructions. And from now on we will implement everything that is decided.”

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