January 27, 2023

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Robbery of elderly women near churches and street markets: 26-year-old man arrested

A 26-year-old criminal in Thessaloniki attacked elderly women, violently pushed them, after which he removed gold from a fallen helpless old woman and took away her bag.

In particular, the arrested person was charged with 29 street robberies committed by him since June 2020. The young man snooped around in the areas of Kharilau and Kato Tumba, and noticed his victim. His attention was attracted by older ladies who were either walking down the street or returning from churches and markets. The robber followed them. When the victim reached a deserted place, he pounced with lightning speed and pushed from the back, as a result of which the women fell to the ground. At this point, the perpetrator grabbed the purse and personal belongings of the victim, hiding from view.

In several cases, the women were reported to have sustained severe injuries – fractures of the lower extremities, damage to the hip joint and contusion of the spine. The defendant took from his victims a total of:

  • cash in the amount of 2100 euros,
  • bank cards,
  • gold and jewels,
  • mobile phones,
  • personal documents.

An investigation carried out at his home in the Faliro area found stolen items and confiscated the clothes the perpetrator was wearing during the robberies. The detainee was taken to the prosecutor’s office. A decision was made on his preliminary detention.

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