June 20, 2024

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Weather: -7°C early in the morning, the eight coldest areas in Greece

For another day on the morning hours of Wednesday, December 21, the mercury column dropped below -7°C in the northern foothills and locally on the peaks of the mountains located in the southern part of the country, according to the network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens.

The lowest temperature according to weather data was recorded at the weather station in Nevrokopi and was equal to -7.5°C. The following lowest minimum temperatures have been recorded in:

  • Vitine (Arcadia), -7.1°С,
  • Peritori (Nevrocopy), -6.6°С,
  • Authorities (Kozani), -6.5°С,
  • Paranesti (Drama), -6.2°С,
  • Varico (Florina), – 5.7 ° C.

The table below shows the 8 stations that recorded the lowest minimum temperatures.

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