May 27, 2024

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Christmas tree at the bottom of the sea (video)

On Alonissos, the seabed was decorated with a Christmas tree. Before the event to decorate the forest beauty, the municipality invited all the inhabitants of the island to visit it on Saturday, December 10, preferably with their Christmas tree decorations.

In a symbolic christmas tree decoration Mayor of Alonissos Petros Vafinis, President of the Tourism Committee Maria Agallow, instructors Dias Menis and Ilianna Jalama, divers Vassilis Papaioannou and Thassos Utsas, with the voluntary support of Alonissos Triton Dive Center and Dimitra Minas, took part.

A unique video of New Year’s beauty decorations frame the municipality’s Christmas wishes under the slogan “Merry Christmas and greetings to SEAson 2023!”. According to the Athens News Agency, the mayor of Alonissos said:

“For Alonissos, diving is not something opportunistic, but a philosophy of life for every moment of the year, which plays a leading role in extending the tourist season on our island. Through a symbolic action, we wanted to convey the festive atmosphere of the day in our own way. Bathing was refreshing, and people embraced the idea, looking for something original during the holidays. Happy holiday! Health and optimism to all!

Recently, Alonissos received the “Best Diving Destination” award voted by British tour operators in the context of the first ever Greek Travel Awards, successfully organized by EOT UK and Ireland. It is worth remembering that the first underwater weddingorganized by the municipality of Alonissos at the end of the summer has generated huge interest and orders for new weddings from couples who want to get married underwater in Alonissos next summer. The ritual was followed exactly. Special waterproof surfaces were used to comply with all formalities. The operator filmed the wedding with an underwater camera, and it was broadcast live to the invited guests. Standing on the shore, they could watch all the nuances of the celebration on a large screen specially installed for this purpose.

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