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Hold "keep your ears open": hordes of pickpockets are operating in the center of Athens

Dozens of incidents of citizens being robbed in the center of Athens are constantly covered by the Greek media, despite the fact that the police are everywhere and take extra measures to protect and protect citizens.

The methods used by the “dodgers” are identical. Basically, they operate in groups of three or four, bringing to the fore a virtuoso who will discreetly pull out the wallet from the victim. When it comes to a crime committed on the street, in a trading place during the day, thieves target obese women or elderly people who carry large bags and appear to be out shopping. Expecting that the victims of the robbery will not be able to run after the thief.

Some pickpockets ask the intended victim to stop, supposedly asking them for an address, while others touch them directly, reaching into the pockets of unsuspecting people. They are immediately surrounded by accomplices, and after the theft, the attackers scatter in different directions.

Among the thieves there are criminals of any age (even teenagers) who ruthlessly attack citizens (regardless of gender) who are talking on a mobile phone while holding purchases in the other hand. This is the right moment to attack, as the man is dispersed, and snatching the bag from his hand is “a trifling matter.”

Recently the phenomenon of theft is actively observed in commercial centers. Thieves take bags that shoppers bring from other stores and leave them nearby to try on other items. Then someone sitting next to them or passing by grabs the packages and bags and immediately leaves the store. And since the packages contain goods from other stores, the “theft” is not detected by electronic security systems. This is usually done in shoe and sports stores.

Just got caught the other day A 36-year-old lady who “acted quietly” for 6 years. The sadist snatched bags from women waiting for transport at stops, knocked some of them to the ground and dragged them along the asphalt (since the victims did not unclench their hands, trying to hold the bag), and broke one finger.

Despite the wide coverage of spaces and streets with cameras, as well as constant police control, nevertheless Athens maintains a negative record globally. In particular, based on reviews of a major tourist destination on the Internet (published in August last year by the British financial comparison service money.co.uk), Greek public transport ranks second (not honorable) in terms of the number of pickpockets that trade in it.

The study analyzed the total number of reviews for popular attractions and transport stations around the world and compared them with the number of reviews that mention pickpockets to identify the worst tourist destinations in the world in this regard. At the top of the list is the municipal market of Benidorm (Spain), and in third place with a percentage of 11.65% is Colon Street of Cebu City in the Philippines.

It is noted that almost all those arrested in 2018-2019, about 110 people, have recently been released from places of detention. It seems that they either returned to their professional activities, or began to train (and train) young animals.

Video of the theft in an Israeli supermarket. In Greece, the procedure is similar.

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