The consequences of COVID-19: now the usual flu is more severe

The COVID-19 pandemic is on the decline, and the coronavirus is evolving from a virulent virus to one of the infectious diseases that will now accompany us in the season of infections. This is not a reason to rejoice, because at the time when we were fighting SARS-CoV-2, the flu virus mutated, which can hit us this fall and winter.

What symptoms does mutant flu? And how is COVID-19 manifesting now? We asked the therapist Weronika Błaszczyk about this, the publication says.

Is COVID-19 retreating? Expert opinion makes you think
Is COVID-19 still the dominant infection? This is a difficult question because, as experts explained to Medonet, it is difficult to rely on official statistics. According to Professor Piotr Jankowski, the official data on the small number of people infected with COVID-19 are associated with a small number of officially conducted tests.
“We don’t have a complete picture of the actual size of the pandemic because we have to indirectly estimate the number of cases based on the number of hospitalizations and deaths,” he explains. “We have decided not to follow the pandemic,” agrees Professor Andrzej Fal. In turn, Professor Krzysztof Filipiak (Krzysztof Filipiak) suggested that in late August – early September, a serious wave of infections of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, subtype omicron, passed through Poland.
Inflammation of the sinuses, throat and larynx due to COVID-19
We decided to find out how things are in doctors’ offices at the end of October, when seasonal infections are already in full swing. As Veronica Blaschik, a therapist, points out, many people with upper respiratory tract infections turn to doctors. “There are especially many cases of acute sinusitis, as well as inflammation of the throat and larynx. Many of these diseases develop on the basis of the coronavirus. There is a sore throat, weakness, muscle pain and cough due to secretions flowing from the sinuses,” says the doctor.
As the expert points out, COVID-19 previously dominated among infections, and the impact of the epidemic on the spread of the influenza virus, which has been in the shadow for a long time, but has now become more active, is obvious. “The coronavirus has also changed, now it is much less virulent, because it evolves not to kill the host, but only to multiply in his body and then easily switch to others,” Blaschik explains.
More and more cases of influenza. The virus has mutated
As the physician notes, over the past two to three weeks, more and more cases of the influenza virus have been diagnosed. According to the doctor, there will be more cases in November as well. “The virus“ had a break ”during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it has mutated, it has become heavier, there are fewer antibodies in the body. The disease is often manifested by muscle pain, high fever, bronchitis and sore throat,” the doctor lists.
Therefore, Veronika Blaschik strongly recommends getting a flu shot. “The vaccine gives immunity and antibodies, so even when we are exposed to the virus, the disease will be mild. It also means complications that the flu is very fond of, such as pericarditis or myocarditis. Also, in people with chronic diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease, these diseases are exacerbated. Such patients tolerate the flu much worse, “the expert warns.
PS The editor of this edition and his wife had been ill with the above strain of influenza last week. It was the most severe flu in our memory, which, in addition to complications in the bronchi, hit the immune system hard and literally took all the strength from the body. Take care of yourself…

What symptoms does
mutant flu
? And how is COVID-19 manifesting now? We asked the therapist Weronika Błaszczyk about this, the publication says.

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