June 25, 2024

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Snow chains on cars are mandatory from October 1, violators – a fine

From October 1, Greek drivers must have snow chains for their vehiclesbecause since last year and after winter traffic jams, Attiki Odos and the central avenues of Athens have become it is obligatory to equip cars with chains or other similar means of anti-skiddingwhen the competent authorities (traffic police) impose restrictions due to adverse weather conditions.

According to this decision, car owners of all categories are required to equip their vehicles with snow chains or other similar anti-skid means, for example, wheel caps, if the car does not have special tires – this means tires marked “Alpine” with the index M + S (for snow).

This obligation for drivers applies in the country at the national or regional level, between October and April of each year and when prevailing conditions make it necessary.

If the police find that the car does not have chains while the authorities have introduced appropriate measures, it will be fined 40 euros.

Vehicle drivers are required to:

  • Ensure that vehicles are equipped with appropriate anti-skid devices if they are operated in areas where there is snow or ice.
  • Know how to install and operate anti-skid devices to ensure their correct use and to adapt driving according to the prevailing conditions and the technical characteristics of vehicles and anti-skid devices.

Chain installation and removal training

As a reminder, a circular issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport last year also stipulates that from now on, drivers will be required to undergo mandatory training on installing chains on at least two drive wheels and removing chains on vehicles not equipped with special tires in order to be able to cope with snow/ice on the roads, or if they are advised to do so by regulatory signs (e.g. P-59), or by competent authorities. During the training, both theoretical information and practical exercises on installing circuits will be considered.

In particular, the circular stated the following:

From now on, during practical training, it is mandatory for driver candidates and drivers to be taught how to install anti-skid equipment (chains or similar equipment) on the vehicle and how to remove it.

The directors of driver training centers should pay special attention to the instructors conducting theoretical training of driver candidates and drivers to the need to provide adequate coverage of modules on low grip driving, use of special tires, use of anti-skid equipment (chains), etc.

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