June 25, 2024

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The number of abandoned animals in Europe is growing

In Europe, the number of abandoned pets is increasing. This is evidenced by overcrowded animal shelters.

And although summer is not an entirely impartial witness, as animals are often left in shelters for the duration of the vacation, this year the situation is somewhat different. The total number of pets abandoned to the mercy of fate has increased – the number of such dogs in France, for example, has increased by 6%. In total, about 100 thousand animals are left without owners there every year.

The head of a shelter in the town of Orgeval, located north of the French capital, is inclined to explain the situation as the frivolity of the owners. Aurélie Iturbide says:

“We get the impression here that more and more people are not willing to take responsibility for the animal they have. They do not think about what the acquisition of an animal entails: financial costs, at least only for food, care, veterinarians are very expensive, vacation trips. All this needs to be thought about.”

The situation in the UK is no better: the number of abandoned pets is growing, and there are fewer and fewer people who want to pick them up from a shelter. Shelter workers explain the situation with a global rise in prices – an average of 30% more funds are now required for the maintenance of an animal, and veterinary services have increased to a record 848 pounds sterling! However dog breeder David McAuliffe says:

“Especially against the backdrop of what is happening with the prices of gas, electricity, food, fuel, everything is very difficult. But I always say that in the end, you do whatever it takes for your pet.”

Even a worthy burial of your pet is not available to everyone – the British began to save on this, choosing burial in common graves. Jason Ward, manager of the animal cemetery, laments:

“They are members of our families. They help make our lives so much more enjoyable. During the pandemic, all families spent more time with their pets. Therefore, if the time comes to say goodbye to them forever, but it does not work out in a worthy way, people feel even more unhappy because of this.

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