April 16, 2024

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Hostel for women victims of violence in Athens

“Every murder of a woman is a tragedy and a moral defeat for the whole society,” the Athens municipality said in a statement.

The last two femicides, the murders of women hours apart, are a stark reminder that the nightmare of male stereotyping of women continues to poison our society.

Homicides meet the definition of the World Health Organization as “femicide“, that is, the deliberate “killing of women” precisely because they are “female persons”.

The Deputy Mayor for Equality, Combating Discrimination and Gender Violence of the Municipality of Athens believes that every femicide is a bereavement, and at the same time a failure and a moral defeat for our entire society.

She declares her participation in the battle to eradicate harmful stereotypes that reproduce violence and discrimination, and supports all potential victims, reminding that no woman is alone and that all women have the power, they have a voice. And in the municipality of Athens, they also have a permanent ally.

The Municipality of Athens is actively involved in protection and prevention, as well as in building a real future of equality for and towards all.

“We provide protection for women victims of gender-based violence through a shelter for victims and their children, which offers safe accommodation, food, psychosocial support and care from specialized staff (social worker, psychologist, educator), as well as the opportunity to receive support in any way possible. “get back on your feet” faster and reintegrate into society and the labor market.In addition, we invest in the prevention and recording of cases of delinquency, together with the Center for Combating Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination. provides comprehensive consulting services of psychological, legal, labor support from direct staff to anyone and everyone who faces any form of violence or discrimination. We encourage each and every one to contact us without hesitation. SOS 15900 to a national helpline that allows women who have experienced violence or third parties to contact the GBV agency directly. We are consulting with all public figures to end this abhorrent pandemic of violence against women.”

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