June 12, 2024

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Digital ID and driver’s license, can be used everywhere, except for foreign trips

Digital IDs and driver’s licenses can be used at banks and other credit institutions, as well as mobile and landline companies, starting October 1, 2022according to a joint ministerial decision released on Wednesday.

Until that moment, citizens will have to present paper versions, the decree says. The rollout of a new app that allows people to store a digital version of their ID and driver’s license on their mobile phones began on July 27.

However, digital IDs and driver’s licenses invalid abroad and cannot be used as travel documents for international flights or travel within the Schengen area as they are only in Greek. However, they can be used for domestic transport.

Recall that the platform https://wallet.gov.gr already works. Until today, Wednesday, August 3, it is available for tax number (AFM) ending with a number from 1 to 7. Every day the platform opens to a new AFM ending number.

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