The journalist resigned due to the support of the President of Greece for the decision to release D. Ligandis

Journalist Chrisa Rumelioti, who covered events from the residence of the President and Prime Minister of Greece for decades, has resigned. She announced her reason in a post on her personal Facebook page.

But what preceded the resignation? Why time is of the essence, as she characteristically said: “Developmentsthat occur, again pose a dilemma: to be worthy, useful and reliable, or a slavish sycophant?

The President of the Republic defended Dimitris Lignadis, convicted of violence against minors. This is the second time she’s tried to protect this man. The first time was on the day the rapist was arrested, when Sakellaropoulou also remembered “rights of the accused”publicly urging them to be observed! However, in the case Sofia Bekatoruwhich she received at the presidential palace, she did not mention “the rights of the accused”.

What the President of Greece said:

“Populism is rooted in controversy and inequality, openly challenging the core principles of liberal democracy. This undermines the separation of powers and the balance of the state. However, institutional balances are the basis of the rule of law and are not subject to the majority and ephemeral associations. Justice is administered not on the basis of public sense of justice, but in accordance with the Constitution and laws.”

Chrissa Rumelioti’s post:

The thick book that opened on the first page in 1989 closes today with a deafening pop on the last page. The new one, which will now begin to be written, will certainly be more interesting, liberated and creative. In the end, prescribed developments again put us in a dilemma: to be worthy, useful and reliable or a slavish sycophant?

Two dark mosaics are added to the complex puzzle. There are no such authorities as Vlachos, Karapanayiotis, Fidanidis, Papaioannou… on whom the waves of intervention broke and remained in their offices without affecting the work of the editors. And unfortunately, they know it, these prominent figures who, disregarding the constitutional imperatives, intervene.

SO, WHAT IS REMAINING US AND WHAT DISAPPEARS? Protecting our dignity and protecting our authority. This is what we are judged by. Not those in power, but our readers, listeners and viewers. Good strength to all. Have a good rest, because we are waiting for the hard [времена].

Black shadow in the presidential palace! The resounding resignation of Chrissi Rumelioti after 33 years in the ERT presidential helm! What happened? Why did she quit her job in disgust, writing such sharp words in the end: “ worthy, useful and reliable or a slavish sycophant“? Last connection.

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