Will they launch "Nord Stream-2"

As it became known on Sunday, Germany was able to agree with Canada on the return from the repair of a gas turbine for the compressor station of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, transmits Reuters, citing a Siemens Energy statement.

“This political decision to ship is a necessary and important first step in delivering the turbine. Currently, our specialists are intensively working on all further approvals and logistics, ”the statement says.

This decision infuriated Ukraine, where they have already declared betrayal. However, after Germany vetoed aid to Ukraine in the amount of 9 billion euros and actually sent Ambassador of Ukraine in Melnik’s Germany, the anti-German rhetoric in Kyiv died out sharply.

In Ukraine, they already assume that Germany, seriously feeling a sharp decline in production and the onset of a crisiswill make concessions and may even launch not only Nord Stream 1, but also Nord Stream 2.

In July, Gazprom is likely to announce “technical problems” with Nord Stream 1, a segment located in Russian territorial waters. After that, he will announce that the only way to save Europe from the cold sea is the launch of Nord Stream 2.

Author assumes that since the control over the diagnostics of the gas pipeline is carried out depending on the territorial affiliation of the waters, Russia and Germany, “breakdown” will occur on the Russian part of Nord Stream-1.

“It is worth noting that in-line diagnostics is performed once a year when the gas pipeline is stopped. This is done by the well-known German ROSEN Group from Lingen, headquartered in Switzerland. Considering that the launch of the diagnostic device is carried out on the Russian coast, and the excavation is carried out in Germany, in Greifswaldi , with the subsequent processing of the received data in Germany, it is likely that Gazprom can find “technical problems” in the segment located in Russian territorial waters or in the coastal section with external control of the gas pipeline,” the authors of the article suggest.

In the midst of pumping gas into storage facilities, Russia will stop transit. And gas prices in Europe will inevitably rise.

Next, Rostekhnadzor will traditionally ban the use of Nord Stream for a certain period of time in order to correct the identified problems. Gas prices in Europe will jump even more, which again plays into the hands of the Kremlin: both from a commercial point of view – you sell less and get more, and from a political point of view – a preemptive strike against intentions EU include the gas embargo in the seventh package of sanctions,” the article says.

Thereafter there is no doubt that Gazprom will announce the only possible way to save Europe from the cold sea – the launch of Nord Stream 2.

Gazprom will pompously declare the need to fulfill its obligations to European customers and the “rescue option” – Nord Stream-2. Like, exactly the same gas pipeline can successfully replace the emergency twin brother along the same route,” the authors of the article warn.

At today’s energy exchange prices fell sharply to $1,620 per thousand cubic meters, but the situation is extremely uncertain and it is not known what will happen tomorrow. However, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings once again raised its forecast for Brent and WTI oil prices, as well as gas prices in Europe for 2022 and 2023. “Fitch has raised its forecasts for oil and gas prices due to disruptions and reversals in trade flows, as well as higher post-pandemic demand,” it said in a statement. agency report.

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