Greece is developing a national drone defense system

Greece’s first anti-drone platform is being developed by the Hellas Research and Technology Center (CERTH), Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister for Investment and Development, said on Saturday.

The research team is ready to move on to the final stage of field testing, while CERTH is in talks with private companies about the possible commercial operation of the equipment.

Speaking to the state news agency ΑΜΝΑ, Dimas said that over the past few days, the CERTH Information Technology Institute (ITI) has been involved in the planning, development and evaluation of the defense system against UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

It was added that this is a comprehensive solution to the growing threat of UAVs, based on a state-of-the-art system and complemented by research on various detection and neutralization technologies and functions.

In this research and development context, the system has developed deep learning methodologies and integrated sensors of various types to finally realize the first fully Greek design integrated platform for detecting, identifying, locating and neutralizing unauthorized and potentially hostile drones.

The Greek version is being developed in the context of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program’s Advanced Integrated Unwanted Drone Detection and Identification Neutralization (ALLADIN) program.

After the war in Armenia, where strike and reconnaissance drones were used for the first time in real combat conditions, many countries of the world urgently took up the issue of both the use of drones and the fight against them. And Greece, which has a difficult relationship with Turkey, which already has hundreds of strike and reconnaissance drones in service, simply had to deal with this topic. I just don’t understand why this case has been dragged on for so long.

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