May 30, 2024

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Electric car at a super price in Lidl stores

A well-known supermarket chain offers the possibility of buying or renting a fully electric car, even with delivery to the customer’s home.

This option is currently offered exclusively on the German market. The process itself is as simple as buying milk or bread. The only thing that any interested person needs to do is to order a car through the Lidl Plus app, and after making an online payment, choose where he wants the vehicle to be delivered.

The specific vehicle available through the app is called Elaris Finn and is an electric two-seater city car with a length of less than three meters and a width of only 1.56 meters. Its power is 48 horsepower, and the maximum speed exceeds 110 km / h, which means that you must have a driver’s license to drive this vehicle.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, the “fuel charge” is enough for 300 km (with a Chinese-made 32 kWh battery charged from a conventional outlet for 5 hours).

The cost of the car is 13,000 euros and the monthly rental is 222 euros, with a maximum annual limit of 10,000 km. If it is exceeded, an additional charge per kilometer of 0.20 euros is charged. The vehicle has air conditioning, a 12.3-inch touch screen, Apple Car Play and Android Auto systems, power windows, power mirrors and a digital instrument cluster.

It is planned to establish a sales network Elaris Finn in Europe. Although, of course, it is not known when the turn will reach Greece …

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