Israel harshly responded to the Ukrainian ambassador about Bandera

The Israeli Embassy in Germany harshly criticized its Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Melnyk for saying that Stepan Bandera was not responsible for the murders of Jews and Poles.

Israel called such statements a vulgarization of the Holocaust and an insult to those killed, the newspaper writes. “Country”referring to a comment on Twitter by the Israeli diplomatic mission:

“The statements of the ambassador of Ukraine are a distortion of historical facts, a vulgarization of the Holocaust and an insult to those who were killed by Bandera and his people.”

Representatives of the Israeli embassy draw attention to the fact that such statements by the ambassador undermine common values ​​and reduce the significance of the courageous struggle of the Ukrainian people for life in a world with democratic values.

Recall that in the Jung & Naiv program, Mr. Melnik said that Stepan Bandera was a “freedom fighter” and had nothing to do with the massacres of Jews and Poles. After that, Warsaw accused the Ukrainian ambassador of falsifying history. A little later, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany was also harshly criticized in Germany. Television director Tom Bon tweeted:

“Any German politician, sportsman, entertainer, journalist who spoke publicly in such a manner about a notorious fascist and probably a mass murderer like Bandera would be put on trial in Germany.”

Earlier, our publication reported that a 9-month trial over the former Nazi concentration camp guard Sachsenhausen. The 101-year-old man was sentenced to five years in prison. Justice was done after 77 years. Josef Schutz became the oldest Nazi criminal ever tried for complicity in war atrocities during World War II.

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