Hong Kong shipwreck thriller: 27 dead

The thriller is set in Hong Kong, and uncertainty about the lives of dozens of people aboard a broken in half and sunken drilling ship grows by the hour.

In fact, it is estimated that the number of victims could be 27 people, while 30 crew members have been rescued so far.

Footage of this dramatic moment is going around the world and is shocking as it reflects the extent of the bad weather that has hit China.

The country is in the grip of the first tropical storm of the year, and the concern is at least palpable with torrential flooding sweeping away everything in its path.

The work of rescuers is titanic, and we wait with bated breath for news of the missing. Video and images circulating from China’s southern region show helicopters operating on site as strong waves crash into the ship.

The Chinese government is talking about “a huge number of missing people” while the relatives of the people on board experience terrible moments of anxiety.

The Doomed Fujing sank about 186 miles south of the coast of Hong Kong.

Typhoon Champa is said to be the first to hit China this year with severe storms and flooding. The speed with which it moves reaches 15-20 km per hour.

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