April 24, 2024

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Themis Adamantis was arrested for beating a Greek "Pamela Andersen"

Singer Themis Adamantidis was arrested due to allegations of violence against his partner Varvara Kirkis. According to the victim, the incident happened early on Friday morning.

The police found the singer at noon near the casino in Ampelokipi and took him to the Alimos police station, where a lawsuit was filed against him.

At the police station, Themis Adamantis countersued his partner for false accusations. Themis Adamantidi was taken to the Vari-Voulas-Vulyagmeni pre-trial detention center, where she will spend the night, and the next morning she will appear before the prosecutor.

The singer’s partner Dimitris Moustakas told protothema.gr that the defendant denies his partner’s allegations. “I’m not stopping anyone from gambling, and I’m not going to sit and shut up…”

Kirk’s Barbara in the past had a relationship with a well-known far-right Greek politician Ilias Casidiaris, who is currently serving a lengthy sentence along with party colleagues Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn).

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