Strange surprise: the man thought he was invited to the baptism, but turned out to be … the groom

Strange surprise: the man thought he was invited to the baptism, but turned out to be … the groom

A resident of Chania in Crete prepared a very unexpected surprise for her husband, with whom she had lived in a civil marriage for a long time.


Now it’s the turn of the religious. Tourism industry businessman Manolis Manatakis has been informed by his wife, Julia Vrontaki, that on Saturday afternoon she will be the godmother of a child at the Church of Christ in Kalyves, Apokoronas municipality in Chania. It was understood that the woman herself would go there early to prepare for the celebration, and then he would come too.

It so happened that when Mr. Manatakis arrived at the church, he was greeted by his wife dressed as a bride. The cheat extended her hands to her betrothed, saying: “My love, welcome to our wedding!” At the same time, she handed him a bouquet, which she already held in her hands, so that, as custom dictates, “the groom did not run away from the wedding,” as a joke, of course.

It should be noted that everyone knew about the upcoming wedding, except for the newlywed. All the guests were waiting for the groom to appear with cameras turned on on their phones in order to capture the “surprise” in detail.

According to flashnews.grThe choice of the day was not accidental. The bride had a birthday, which she wanted to celebrate in a special way, and even laid a festive table with treats for the guests. The house in Kalyves was also specially decorated. What the groom thinks about all this (and what he actually experienced) remains “behind the scenes”.

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