Why do mosquitoes love you so much

Experts explain why some people have an increased attraction to the ubiquitous mosquitoes.

Edition Metro talked to competent experts and now reports: mosquitoes especially love women, people dressed in dark clothes and sweaty – they are preferred by mosquitoes to everyone else. But that’s not all.

Ross Perry, director of the cosmetic clinic Cosmedics, adds that blood type also matters – malevolent squeakers like the smell of the owners of the first and fourth. They also pay attention to the color of clothes:

“People dressed in dark attract insects more – they are better seen, and light colors blend into the background.”

Paul Ettinger, a therapist at London General Practice, also notes that mosquitoes are attracted to large amounts of exhaled carbon dioxide, for example, while doing gymnastic exercises, playing football or basketball, or jogging. Ross agrees with him, who claims that mosquitoes love to bite sweaty people. Sam Watts, Founder of Mind Body Medical, sums it up:

“Mosquitoes are also more interested in people with high temperatures, pregnant women, overly perfumed people and those with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This explains why, after the first bite, a flock of mosquitoes rush at us – in a stressed person at this time, cortisol levels jump.

Previously, our publication said that the regional and municipal authorities in Attica will use drones and helicopters to spray insecticides against mosquitoes. The creation of a special service has also begun, which will monitor the population of insects and help protect the population from diseases such as West Nile fever. Helicopters will be used to spray insecticide over relatively uninhabited coastal areas, while drones will be more effective in urban areas. In the meantime, you can try to get rid of mosquitoes in your home. naturallyusing the advice of experts.

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