May 27, 2024

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Greece and Israel agree to help fight fires

Greek Climate Minister Christos Stylianidis and Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Alon Schuster signed a memorandum of understanding on civil protection on June 13, according to Kathimerini.

Israel and Stylianides have started a series of meetings aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries. Brigadier General Yoram Laredo, Director General of Israel’s National Emergency Management Authority, attended the signing of the memorandum.

In the near future, Stylianidis will meet with representatives of the fire departments and the Minister of the Environment, Tamar Zandberg, to discuss issues related to reducing the impact of the climate crisis in the Southeast Mediterranean.

The details of the agreement have not yet been disclosed, but, apparently, it is about helping to extinguish fires that have already caused multimillion-dollar damage to the country this year.

Previously, Stylianidis was appointed as the first head of the Ministry of Civil Protection and Climate Change, which will be created in 2021. The creation of the new ministry was announced on August 31, and it was also reported that former Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis should become its head. But he publicly stated that he was not going to leave the post.

On September 6, it was announced that the Greek Cypriot politician and former European Commissioner for International Cooperation Christos Stylianidis will fight climate change in Greece. Together with the ministerial chair, he was granted Greek citizenship. When he took office, he said that major changes must be accelerated immediately.

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