May 30, 2024

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Boeing and Airbus of Russian airlines will not be able to fly to China

Chinese airspace is closed to Boeing and Airbus Russian airlines.

The reason is the airlines, as reported RBC, could not provide data on the official deregistration of imported aircraft. Since March, the rights to leased foreign aircraft have been allowed to be registered in Russia. China has imposed a flight ban on Boeing and Airbus, Russian carriers that are registered in two jurisdictions.

Earlier, Global Link Logistics reported on China’s decision, and the logistics operator Optimalog received information about the cancellation of all Aviastar Tu and iFly flights from China, along with an unofficial message that the aircraft “no longer comply with ICAO / IATA requirements”, and also “no permits for the use of air corridors.

RBC’s source explained that in May, China asked not only Russian, but also other airlines to update electronic dossiers (they contain information about aircraft, airline owners, ground handling contracts). This is a standard procedure, but it has recently been amended.

Russian carriers flying to China updated the information, but they were asked for data that confirms that their imported aircraft have been officially deregistered abroad. Since the companies were unable to provide the required documents, the Chinese authorities, in accordance with international aviation law, refused to fly on such aircraft.

RBC’s source claims that other countries are now making similar requirements for the “cleanliness” of aircraft in terms of registration. For example, Turkey, which denies permission to fly into or through its airspace to “dual-registration” aircraft (aircraft compulsorily registered in Russia).

Another interlocutor of RBC in the Russian airline also confirmed that aircraft are not allowed to fly to China without a certificate of deregistration. The publication sent inquiries to the press service of the Ministry of Transport, to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (СAAC) and to Aviastar-TU.

The Federal Air Transport Agency and the iFly airline, which operated cargo flights to China on Airbus, declined to comment.

Since the end of February, the West has imposed a number of sanctions against the Russian aviation industry. EU banned Russian aircraft from using European airspace and stopped deliveries of aircraft and spare parts to the country. In addition, the European Union obliged leasing companies to terminate contracts with Russian carriers. In pursuance of the sanctions, lessors began to arrest planes of Russian airlines abroad, and they began to cancel international flights.

In connection with the termination of aircraft leasing, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Western countries were deceived by “unilaterally refusing to fulfill their obligations.” To support the industry, the president allowed the registration of foreign aircraft under lease in Russia. Russian certificates will allow them to be used, including on flights within the country.

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