May 27, 2024

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Thessaloniki: weddings on Mondays

If you received an invitation to a friend’s wedding that says the wedding ceremony will take place on Monday noon, it’s not a typo.

This summer has made weddings… an everyday affair, according to people who are active in organizing weddings. According to experts, due to restrictive measures due to the pandemic in 2022, a lot of people who want to legalize their relationship have accumulated and it turned out that there are simply not enough days off for everyone, writes

“The phrase ‘we were invited to a weekend wedding’ is no longer an axiom, because now we cater for celebrations almost all week, every day,” says wedding planner Nikos Vogiatzis.

“Those who managed, starting from last year, and even from the year before, book dates for saturday and sunday this summer, count yourself lucky.

First priority, of course, as the organizers say, is Friday, then Thursday, and after the available days and hours are exhausted, the choice began to stop even on Mondays, so to speak, “the less pretty first day of the week.”

Midweek weddings are mostly for young couples and usually have fewer guests.

The dates for the wedding are reserved until almost 2023. Given that there are no “marriage free” days even for 2022, one would expect the situation to defuse for the next year, but so far this is not visible from the data.

“With the numbers that we have, we believe that next year will be full of weddings, and the coming months – June, July and the first days of September – are already fully booked,” says the wedding and event organizer.

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