March 1, 2024

Athens News

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The family, residents of the metropolitan suburb of Zefiri, had to endure moments of horror when they woke up from a deafening noise coming from the balcony of a private house.

The man got out of bed and went to see what was going on. And I saw a “fireball” that broke through the shutters, glass, curtain and crashed into the wall of the family bedroom, writes

The alarmed citizen immediately called the police, and members of the emergency response team arrived at the scene, taking away the “shell” that hit the apartment. The find will be sent for forensic examination.

The victim said that he had no personal disagreements with anyone (if they wanted to shoot him), so the only thing that comes to mind is that the bullet was “stray”, that is, recklessly fired into the air.

Residents of the Menidi and Aspropyrgos districts also complain that “shots are often heard everywhere” and fear that such hooliganism could once again result in someone’s death.

“Athenian News” talked about stray bullet that wounded an 8-year-old girl and oh literally riddled car.

The local population speaks of a “everyday situation” where stray bullets are found in their cars and in their yards, even in their bedrooms where they rest.

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