Easier than a steamed turnip: choose a bra

Of course, men do not understand this … But every woman knows how much effort it takes to pick up a “normal” bra.

Here the word “normal” is chosen specifically as a general concept, since for every woman (and in connection with what the item of underwear is intended for) a bra needs a special one: for daily wear – comfortable and practical, for going out (and dresses with neckline) – another. Well, for a loved one – rather, the third option.

But today we will talk about how important the right bra is for women’s health. And than threatens carrying “wrong”. In addition, the specialist will give an answer to the question of “whether the chest sags if you do not use a bra.”

So, beautiful lingerie, of course, can create the mood of a winner. It is able to heal old wounds, cheer up and self-esteem. Psychologists believe that a woman in beautiful lingerie feels much more confident and relaxed. And it doesn’t matter that no one sees him. His mistress, radiating femininity and sexuality, automatically becomes attractive to the opposite sex.

A bit of history. The most important thing in a woman’s intimate wardrobe is a bra (so often called a “bra” by the people). There is no unequivocal opinion about who invented the first bra in its modern form. However, it is believed that its prototypes were patented in France (Ermini Cadol in 1889), in Germany (Hugo Schindler in 1891) and in the USA (Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1914). It was Mary Phelps Jacob who introduced the first bra completely free from the corset. 90% of success in creating a “special” mood for a woman is not just a beautiful, but also a well-chosen bra. It will help keep the breasts natural and firm.

So, the specialist will explain what are the main mistakes in choosing a bra, and dispel the myths.

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